Rubber Fire Hose Supplier Large Diameter PVC/TPU


Rubber Fire Hose Supplier Large Diameter PVC/TPU/WhIte 6 Inch 30M With 8 Bar

Rubber Fire Hose is perfect for use by firefighters. It stays flexible in subzero temperatures and resists abrasion from sharp objects, making it ideal for use with ladders and over rough terrain. Suitable for industrial machinery as well, this rubber fire hose also requires less maintenance than other types of hoses.

Rubber Fire Hose supplier is a fire line that is typically used with a fire fighting system. We provide rubber hose with high durability and excellent water pressure. It has good resistance to abrasion and tear and can be used in extreme temperatures. It is made of rubber, it’s used to drench fire, to keep the fire-fighters to protect their body from fire.They are used to provide water pressure and flow during fires.We provides a professional, ready-to-go hose for your home or business. This product is also known as a supply line and is used to connect from the water main to your sprinkler system. Excellent flexibility and durability makes it ideal for high pressure applications.

It can be used in construction, agricultural and chemical industries. This product is light, easy to move and transport, as well as easy to store.We are a well-known manufacture of fire hose and agricultural hose, our product has high quality. Our products mainly include general-purpose hoses and high pressure hoses.Are you searching for a high quality rubber fire hose? You are in the right place. We have been providing our customers with their unique needs. Our expertise in this field helps us to serve our customers all over the world with a vast range of Industrial Hoses,  Garden Hose and much more.

The product is designed for agricultural use. The pressure and temperature resistance, long service life, good flexibility, etc. make it suitable for a variety of agricultural applications.Hose, Agricultural Hose, Fire Hose. Vibrant color meets UV resistance for long-lasting use for your garden and landscape. Made in the USA of natural rubber, this hose is flexible and strong – ideal for all your watering needs.

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Rubber Fire Hose Supplier
Rubber Fire Hose Supplier
Rubber Fire Hose Large Diameter PVC/TPU/WhIte 6 Inch 30M With 8 Bar
Rubber Fire Hose Supplier
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By Sea From XiaMen



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PVC Liner Fire Hose





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Fire Fighting Equipment

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0.8MPa – 1.6MPa


Fire Fighting Emergency Rescue



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