Pvc fire hose suppliers fire pvc rubber hose


Pvc fire hose suppliers fire pvc rubber hose high pressure white double-jacket pvc/tpu  (multiple size options)

Pvc fire hoses are generally used in military and civil buildings to transmit water, or the disposal of combustible materials. PVC is a kind of new type of high-pressure hose material which has been widely used in many industries, such as building construction and machinery manufacturing. It is a kind of flexible high pressure plastic hose that can be used for normal pressure, medium pressure and high pressure.

We are Pvc fire hose suppliers,our product is suitable for general industrial use and it can be used in a wide range of applications including airport, construction, mining and subsea. It can also be used for draining rainwater and water system.
It is the most flexible and lightest hose in the world. We are Pvc fire hose suppliers,our product can be used in high pressure, high temperature and high density environments, while still providing excellent protection against heat abrasion and corrosion.

Fire hose is made of fire-resistant PVC with good abrasion and oil resistance, high temperature resistant, with excellent flexibility and toughness. Fire hose is widely used for fire protection for hydraulic cylinder at factories, mines and plants.Fire Hose is a high-pressure type, flexible and chemical resistant pipe which is widely used to transport fire water, fuel oil and other corrosive fluids. It’s light in weight and easily carry, which is durable for long time use.

It is mainly used to convey water, oil, gas and petroleum products as well as other non-corrosive corrosive medium continuously or intermittently under high pressure and long distance running. It is a kind of fire retardant hose, which has excellent characteristics in use such as high pressure resistance and good flexibility.Made of high quality material, the hose is light weight, convenient and easy to carry.

The high grade materials used in these hoses are extremely durable and long lasting, thus they can be used multiple times without any problem. These agricultural hoses can withstand extreme conditions of weather and temperature too. All agricultural irrigation products are economical and cost effective as well.Strong and flexible, this agricultural irrigation hose offers smooth operation to help prevent clogging.

The fire pvc rubber hose has long service life and can withstand all weather conditions. High bonding strength and good flexibility ensure the hose working pressure.The Fire Hose is made of high quality PVC, resistant to even the strongest pressure, giving you a hose that will last and won’t blow apart at the smallest amount of strain.

Product Description

 Production Process


1)PVC or Rubber Lining fire hose
2)The jacket of fire hose is wove by high intensity of polyester fibers or yarns( twill/plain weave)
3)There are special adhesive ( solid or liquid)between the jacket and the lining. the fire hose is soft and highly polished,reduce the flow resistance
4) Thinner and more soft, lighter and more convenient to use.
5) High pressure resistance, low temperature resistance, anti-corrosion. aging resistance.wear-resisting
6) We can provide different color fire hose lining: blue, black, transparent, etc or according to your requirement
7) We can provide length: 10m – 30m or according to your requirement

Technical Parameters:

Inner Diameter Color Working Pressure Testing Pressure Bursting Pressure Length
(Inch/mm) (MPa/BAR/PSI) (MPa/BAR/PSI) (MPa/BAR/PSI) (M/FEET)
1           25 White or as per customer’s instruction 1.0/10/150
1-1/2     40
2           50
2-1/2      65
3           80
4           100  
5           125
6          150
8          200


Detail Pictures

Fire pvc rubber hose high pressure white double-jacket pvc/tpu Fire pvc rubber hose high pressure white double-jacket pvc/tpu Pvc-Hose-21Fire pvc rubber hose high pressure white double-jacket pvc/tpu 20181017_152353Fire pvc rubber hose high pressure white double-jacket pvc/tpu

Place of Origin


Inner Diameter

1 inch to 8 inch


By Sea From XiaMen



Product Name

Double-Jacket PVC Fire Hose





Model Number




Brand Name



Fire Fighting Equipment


15m to 30m

Working Pressure

0.8MPa – 1.6MPa


Fire Fighting Emergency Rescue



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