Fire Hose Supplier Canvas Cotton PVC Lined


Fire Hose Supplier Canvas Cotton PVC Lined Fire Fighting Hose High Pressure

Fire hose canvas is used to make a jacket, jacket, skirt and so on. The shape of  it is more slender than denim and there are many colors can be chosen. People who are very fond of vintage style will like fire hose hose canvas is an amazing material for bags, because it is sturdy, but incredibly soft. This material goes through extensive testing to ensure that it is safe for use in the most demanding conditions. As firefighters, we know that it can get tough out there, so we made sure to cover all our bases.

Each piece is tested for water resistance, and then treated with a special coating to help protect against the elements. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about blisters thanks to its comfortable design.Our fire hose canvas is an exclusive, vintage-inspired fabric that we love to work with. this tough and durable canvas has a unique character and style that makes it perfect for bags, accessories, shoes and more.Our Fire Hose Canvas is made from a heavy-duty canvas that was originally used to make fire hose.

It has a rough texture that feels like it will stand the test of time, and the earthy color makes it look almost vintage. We have found this type of fabric to last and provide a beautiful, burnished patina over time, making it even more interesting than when it was new.Fire Hose Supplier is a company that supplies fire hose and other related products. With our wide range of products that include fire hose, firefighting equipment, we can also provide customized services.

Fire Hose Supplier is a distributor and wholesale supplier of fire hoses and fire fighting equipment. Offering a huge range of products and services to suit your needs, we’re always looking to provide our customers with quality products.These Fire Hose Supplier are highly durable and offer excellent resistance to stress cracking. These Fire Hose Supplier can be used without any installation or maintenance.We are a leading fire hose supplier specialized in dealing with all types of fire hose including but not limited to fire fighting, spill response and chemical transfer.

Detail Pictures

_20190219104342Fire Hose Canvas Cotton PVC Lined Fire Fighting Hose High Pressure Pvc-Hose-21Fire Hose Canvas Cotton PVC Lined Fire Fighting Hose High Pressure 20181017_152353Fire Hose Canvas Cotton PVC Lined Fire Fighting Hose High Pressure

Place of Origin



Fire Hose

Inner Diameter



By Sea From XiaMen



Product Name

Collapsible Hose



Model Number


Bursting Pressure

24-60Bar (2.4 – 6.0Mpa)



Brand Name



Durable PVC Fire Hose



Working Pressure

0.8MPa – 1.6MPa



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