types of fire sprinkler heads

There are different types of fire sprinkler heads. Each is designed to a particular category of hazard and has its own unique purpose. Understanding which type should be used in which application is key to making the right selection.
There are many different types of fire sprinkler heads that can be used and are designed to meet certain needs. . They range from the pop-up head to the straight stream, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Fire sprinklers are a simple, yet effective tool to use in an emergency situation. There are each with specific purpose.Inside fire sprinkler heads are used to protect structural building components, such as walls and beams. Outside fire sprinkler heads are installed outside the perimeter of a room or a series of rooms. These prevent fires from spreading outside that area.
Not all sprinkler heads are created equal: since the 1920s, a number of types have been developed for specific applications.

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