retractable hose reel

Our Retractable Hose Reels are corrosion-resistant, long lasting and easy to install. They feature a full wrap of steel for maximum strength, making them the ideal choice for your landscaping needs.The Retractable Super Hose Reel is the perfect solution for your gardening needs. With super tough, lightweight aluminum construction, a sturdy base that swivels at any angle, this reel will help you stay organized and make when it comes time to water your plants look easy.The retractable hose reel is a versatile tool that can take your gardening to the next level. Available in many different sizes and colors, it can be used for everything from watering plants to cleaning off your car. No matter what task you have on hand, we’ve got the perfect one for you so you never need to worry about tangled hoses again. And with its easy-rolling wheels, it’s easy to take it from your garage or basement to wash your car or water the lawn.This retractable hose reel keeps your garden hose neatly organized and right where you need it. A hose reel can save you money on your energy bill by eliminating the need to run water while you’re working. A retractable hose reel lets you choose whether or not you want to use the water source, and when you’re done with gardening or washing dishes, simply push a button and retract your hose back into the unit.

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