PVC Fire Hose Reel Double-jacket

PVC pipe fire hose reel with double jacket, water proof and corrosion resistant.pvc-fire-hose-reel,pvc fire hose reel is a kind of fire equipment; it takes the form of a round tube and has two drive rollers. The quantity of water can be regulated by turning the handle at will.The fire-hose reel is made of doubly-jacketed PVC, ensuring that the material can be used in harsh environmental conditions. The fire hose reel has a top handle and bottom bracket for easy transportation.This fire hose reel has a double jacketed pvc construction to prevent damage from abrasion and water. It has an easy spool for fast and easy rewinding.Aids to effectively control and reduce the risk of fire. Saves time, labor and money by reducing the need for frequent handling of heavy, bulky hose reels.

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