Fire hose reel specification

The fire hose reel specification is based on the selection of automobile tyres, safe and reliable.It assures that by the time you get a product in your hands, it’s been rigorously tested and meets all of your needs.The fire hose reel is a self-supporting, enclosable structure for storing, handling, or dispensing a fire hose. It sometimes may be used with a small pumper to provide a temporary water supply to meet local fire department needs.Fire hose reels are the primary method for storing and deploying fire hose. Fire engine companies are required to have at least one complete set of fire hose on their apparatus at all times.It is the length of the hose, and the number of people needed to work the reel.Specification for fire hose reel. The draft of the fire hose is larger than that of other fluid capacity production lines. And our hydraulic hoist has a good drainage function.

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