Sprinkler Head

Fire sprinklers are installed at the end of pipes for sprinkling or extinguishing fires. Overhanging sprinklers are widely used in office or home buildings. Vertical sprinklers are suitable for difficult-to-access areas, such as buildings with exposed beams, pipes and ceilings. A side wall sprinkler is installed along or on the lower wall with only half of the beam of the deflector, so the water level comes out of the orifice branches. The side wall sprinklers are designed to protect small rooms, corridors and other places where the sprinkler pipes are on the wall but not on the ceiling. The standard and fast response concealed sprinkler is a decorative sprinkler with a flat cover, which is designed to hide the sprinkler to obtain a beautiful effect.​​​ When exposed to a fire, the cover plate falls off and the deflector is lowered to its operating position, working as a similar overhanging sprinkler.

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