Fire hose supplier

1.The daily production capacity exceeds 50,000 meters, which can meetthe delivery requirements of customers in time.
2.With more than 15 yearsexperience in manufacturing fire hoses and agricultural water belts, advanced and mature production experience to provide customers withhigh quality and low price products.
3. One of the modern enterprises in China’s fire protection manufacturing industry with large scale, large output,complete varieties and high quality.
4.Perfect sales service system and after-sales service system.

 Fire hose factory and fire hoses manufacturers, we specialize in wholesale fire hoses, high quality fire hose with competitive price and excellent service.

Interacting with customer andanalyzing project.

Design process from customer side.

The shortest delivery time.

lnstallation, debuggingand training on site.

Customer returning visit.

Spare parts aways available.

24 hoursstand by.

 Fire hose, fire hose reel, fire extinguisher and water equipment all belong to the essential equipment in fire fighting facilities. All of these should be kept in perfect condition for use when needed.

Fire hoses factory with high quality and competitive price from our factory. We are one of the leading China fire hoses factory and fire hoses manufacturers, providing great service and fast delivery.





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